LOST “This Place Is Death” Review (Season 5 Episode 5)

Daniel, Charlotte, Sawyer - Lost "This Place is Death"

What did you think of tonight’s episode of LOST, “This Place Is Death”?

I think I actually yelled, “they can’t end it here!!!” at the TV when it finished. The old mysterious woman (Eloise Hawkings) is Faraday’s mom??? Does anybody have any good theories regarding that one? Is she the head of Darma? The Oracle? The one ring that rules them all?? I’ve got nothing. It looks like next week will shed some more light on the island’s history. We may also get to see what happens to John Locke once he makes his way off the island. I hope we see what he says to Ben before giving him Jin’s ring.

Speaking of Locke getting off the island… the guy that helped him was Jack’s dad. Is he a ghost? Is that why he couldn’t help Locke up? It’s not the first time we’ve seen dead people wandering around the island. But Jack’s dad seems different. The only thing that makes me question it, is that when Jack found his dad’s coffin in the wreckage it was empty.

We also got more answers on what happened to Rousseau’s crew. The black smoke takes out some of them and then Rousseau herself kills her French baby’s daddy. He said something interesting before he was shot. He referred to the black smoke as a “security system that guards the temple.” What exactly is the temple? The hieroglyphics indicate that it’s pretty darn old. Then Rousseau called Jin a “carrier.” Did something make them all sick, or was Rousseau the sick one? At least we know how she got her gun.

I was happy we got an answer about Charlotte being on the island before. I wonder when Faraday went there to warn her? It’s more proof that they can’t change history, well except Desmond. Do you think they will force Desmond to go back to the island? I hope not!