THE OFFICE “Stress Relief” Review (Season 5 Episode 13)

Steve Carell - The Office

What did you think of tonight’s special episode of THE OFFICE, “Stress Relief”?

Even though I was well aware of an important football game taking place this afternoon, as well as a performance by The Boss and some highly anticipated television commercials, the main event for me took place at 7:30 pm PT. And what an event it was! The opening scene was probably my favorite all time moment of the entire series. I would even place it over the time that Dwight killed Angela’s cat (I really never thought I would say that). A few of the most memorable images for me was Angela taking her cat, “Bandit” out of a drawer and throwing it up to Oscar (who was in the ceiling), then the cat crashing back down onto the floor. Kevin going LA riot style and looting the snack machines, and Michael screaming “We’re trapped, everyone for themselves!” while Dwight ran behind him screaming “Have you ever seen a burn victim?!” I can’t wait to watch this scene over again on my Tivo, as I’m certain I’ll catch new things every time I watch it.

Dwight’s second botched attempt at teaching the office safety was when he took over the first aid training. I wasn’t too shocked when he pulled out a knife and tried to “harvest” the dummy’s organs, but I couldn’t believe he cut its face off and wore it as a mask. The best way I can describe it would be to say it was hilariously horrifying. The part that made me laugh the hardest from that scene was Kelly and Creed’s dance to “Stayin Alive.”

Then there was the Michael Scott roast. Did anyone else catch that Bob Vance was there? Angela was surprisingly funny, “He’d put sun block on a window,” and Kelly admitting that she would make out with a wood chipper, Kevin, and Lord Voldemort all before making out with Michael was definitely a highlight. Then there was Pam’s, “If it was an iPod it would be a Shuffle” comment that was so funny I almost cried. The biggest laughs though for me came at the end, when Michael came back to the office. It was awesome to see him be intentionally funny for once. I don’t think I’ve ever seen people laughing with him, normally it’s at him. Two of his best jokes (in my opinion) was “Meredith, you’ve slept with so many guys you are starting to look like one,” and Stanley, “You crush your wife during sex and you heart sucks.” LOL! Also, normally I find myself quoting the other characters but Michael’s “Boom. Roasted” has just become my new “Aw Snap.” What a fantastic way to start off 2009!