LOST “Jughead” Review (Season 5 Episode 3)

Charlotte, Ellie, Miles, Daniel - Lost

What did you think of tonight’s episode of LOST, “Jughead”? Actually that’s probably a stupid question. You obviously thought it was FRIGGIN AWESOME, otherwise you are just insane. I love that I actually find myself looking forward to Wednesdays now, a feeling ABC hasn’t been able to give me since early 90s TGIF.

Even though it’s still early in the season, they answered a couple of big questions tonight. I never saw what was coming with Charles Widmore. I always figured his interest in the island was money; not that he had actually been there! Also, what a little complain’n biatch! I was hoping Locke would shoot him. He was nothing like the older version of himself (who is a little scary). I wonder what his people were doing on the island and why was Richard Alpert their leader? Also, it appeared that he was being a good guy (in the future) by telling Desmond to go back into hiding with Penny. Should we trust him? I want to see more of young Widmore and how he went from a soldier on the island to the powerful businessman he is now.

Also, we find out why Richard Alpert has been following the life of John Locke. Maybe Locke isn’t as special as we once thought? I still think he is. Can anyone tell me if that was a real language Juliet was speaking to the soldiers? It sounded more made up to me (but that could just be my American arrogance). Speaking of Juliet, it seems like there may be some sparks between her and Sawyer. That would be a cute/interesting couple. I love that Desmond and Penny have a baby in the future. I wonder what Widmore will do when he finds out he’s a grandpa?
Here’s a random thought to close with, who would win in a duel between Ben and Charles Widmore?