LIE TO ME “Moral Waiver” Review Episode 2

Tim Roth, Monica Raymund, Kelli Williams - Lie to Me

LIE TO ME is starting to become one of my favorite shows. I was so sad when the episode ended, I wish I had another one to watch. Tim Roth is brilliant as Dr. Cal Lightman.

But before I get too much into the episode “Moral Waiver,” I first want to mention the Micro Expression Training that Lightman was using at the very beginning of the episode. Turns out I actually took a test like that and actually did really good on it (I think I got all of them right), I wonder if I’m a natural. Maybe I should call Dr. Ekman up.

But enough about me, tonight’s episode of Lie to Me not only reinforced my first impression that this is an amazing show, but they also brought in David Anders (“Alias”, “Lost”) or as I would like to call it, the big guns! Seriously, just having him in the episode made it that much better.

But I think the best parts are when they zoom in on the key indicators that someone is lying and showing the exact same expression on people we have seen in the news. And even better, the part when Lightman decides to sell his shares in a company just because he saw the CEO lie about the state of the company. Don’t we all wish we could do that?!

As for the case itself, I kind of figured out that the first girl was lying, but I still found it fascinating the way they found out what all the motives were and who was lying when.

People lie a lot don’t they? And it’s so much fun watching them getting caught.

Until next week, feel free to share your thoughts about tonight’s episode. Are you loving Lie to Me as much as I am?