Review: THE OFFICE “Prince Family Paper”

The Office Cast

What did you think of tonight’s episode of THE OFFICE, “Prince Family Paper”? I thought it was pretty good, but would have liked to have seen more of the Andy/Angela drama. On the other hand, it was also fun to see some of the other characters get more face time this episode. Kevin has been cracking me up the past couple of weeks, “A painting can be beautiful, but I don’t want to bang a panting.” YES, that is so true! How could one so dumb, be so wise?

So, I guess the big question is: Hilary Swank “Hot or Not Hot”? My first inclination was to say “not hot.” Then Stanley gave a compelling argument and it got me thinking. The only reason I don’t automatically think of her as a hottie is because I think of her roles in “Boys Don’t Cry” and “Million Dollar Baby” (where she basically plays a dude in both films), but has anyone seen “PS I love You”? I’d say she’s hot in that movie. I wonder if she had to give them permission to use her as a topic on the show like that? If so, she is a good sport.

Dwight and Michael’s reconnaissance mission to spy on “Prince Family Paper” made me cringe. The family was so sweet! I have to admit I laughed pretty hard when the wife brought them coffee and Dwight spat it out and asked if it was instant. I was hoping Michael would rip up the client list instead of handing it over to corporate. I wonder if they’ll follow up on this story line during future episodes? Speaking of following up, I was hoping Holly would make another appearance this season, but so far it doesn’t look like it will happen. Wtf?