Ghost Whisperer Meet Bluetooth

Ghost Whisperer - Bluetooth

When you can speak to the dead and have to do it on a regular basis – and most of the time in public places, like Melinda in GHOST WHISPERER, you would think that you would come up with some way of not looking, oh I don’t know, crazy!

And so it has been bugging me as to why, with the technology that is available nowadays, Melinda (or the writers of Ghost Whisperer) never thought of getting a bluetooth that you can just pop in your ear whenever you need to speak to said ghost.

Imagine how convenient that would be:

“I see a ghost”

“Oh look at that, I’m getting a phone call, let me answer with my bluetooth.”

Problem solved.

No one will ever know you’re really speaking to a ghost standing in front of you.

So Ghost Whisperer meet Bluetooth.