First Look: ANGEL OF DEATH on

Angel of Death

The online video network,, will premiere a new live-action webseries, ANGEL OF DEATH, starring Zoe Bell (“Death Proof” and “Grindhouse”), Lucy Lawless (“Xena: Warrior Princess”), Doug Jones (“Hellboy”), and Ted Raimi (“Xena: Warrior Princess”), in February 2009.

Created and written by Eisner Award-winning comic writer Ed Brubaker and directed by Paul Etheredge, Angel of Death is about a remorseless assassin (Bell) employed by a ruthless crime family, who begins to hallucinate and becomes haunted by her victims after suffering a severe head wound. As a result, she decides to kill the people who ordered the hits; her employers.

Zoe Bell, Ed Brubaker - Angel of Death

There will be 10 episodes total, each 8-10 minutes long. The entire series will be released on DVD after it airs on

As someone who doesn’t usually watch webseries, I will admit I am liking the concept. I’m always in for some ass-kicking by a strong woman, maybe I can learn some moves…

Watch a preview from Angel of Death below.

Zoe Bell - Angel of Death