Battlestar Galactica Cast

After last week’s premiere of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, I was talking to my friend Paul about my disappointment on who the fifth cylon was. Turns out he had a pretty interesting theory to share about what he thinks the whole deal with Earth is.

I thought I would share it with you, but keep in mind this is only a theory. Hopefully I’ll do it justice, so here we go.

Paul’s Theory:

Whatever happened on Earth (we’re still not sure about that), everybody on there was a Cylon. But here is the interesting part, originally people on Earth were humans, but invented a technology that allowed them to be reborn and thus became what we call “Cylons.” In short, Cylons = humans.

What we call the resurrection ship for the Cylons existed on Earth first which allowed the rebirth there.

Because of that technology, anybody that dies on Earth gets reborn, which explains Starbuck finding her body, and also leads us to think that Dee will be back (and if she does come back then we will know we’re right).

That’s also why in the flashback, Ellen seemed so sure she was going to be with Saul again.

It also seems that the spiritual and humanistic elements of Battlestar Galactica are important to Ron D. Moore, which would support this theory. Plus it would be more of a positive ending.

Hopefully I didn’t leave anything out (Paul?).


So that’s one theory, and honestly I am going to be very upset if it doesn’t come true… unless the real story is better of course (sorry Paul).

But what I’d like to know is what you guys think. Does it seem like a plausible explanation?

I guess all that’s left is to tune in on Friday nights at 10pm on Sci Fi and find out if Paul was right.