Review: LOST Season 5 Premiere – “Because You Left” & “The Lie”

Matthew Fox, Michael Emerson - Lost Season 5

What did you think of tonight’s episode of LOST, “Because You Left” & “The Lie’? It sort of reminded me of the 1978 reunion episode of Gilligan’s island where the cast finally gets off the island, but after being home for awhile they start to miss each other. This causes them to have a reunion cruise, which inevitably capsizes on the same island they escaped from. Okay, okay, Lost is about a million times better but it proves a good point. If a show is based on people being stranded on an island, and they make it off said island, there are only two options. Either the show has to end, or they have to go back.

It looks like this season they are going back. But why does Locke need to go back with them? Will he come back to life once he reaches the island? The island brought his legs back to life, so maybe it could work? A better question might be how in the heck did Locke make it off the island and how did he die? And how come Penny, Desmond, and Lupida (the helicopter pilot) don’t need to go back? I guess it wouldn’t be “Lost” if I didn’t have a million unanswered questions.

The good thing about tonight’s 2 hour premiere is that we got an answer as well. One of the major secrets of the island has been confirmed – its ability to manipulate time (which many of you might have already speculated from last season). What’s going to happen when Jack and Co. return to the island? I assume they will try to escape again, but will the island let them? I also have a theory that Jin is still alive. We see the boat explode, but not all of it. Much of it was still intact as the helicopter pulled away. Does anyone else think that Sun has turned evil? If you have any theories of your own, feel free to share them below. Talk to you next week!