LOST Season 4 Recap – Or How We Can Be Friends


If you are anything like me you are counting down the hours to tonight’s season premiere of LOST. Also, like me, you may only remember 1 thing about last season: it was frickin awesome!! If we share these in common PLUS you have an fanatical love of Taco Bell and the music of Billy Joel then please drop me a note because we really need to be friends. BUT if you just share the first two things with me then let me help you out. I just spent the last few hours catching myself up on Season 4, and here’s what you need to know before watching tonight’s show:

Some flash forwards in season 4 teach us that only six people make it off the island: Hurley, Sayid, Kate, Aaron (Claire’s baby), Jack, and Sun. The media has dubbed them the “Oceanic Six”. We see some interesting things in the future, like Sayid working as a hit man for Ben, and Jack’s on again off again relationship with Kate and Aaron. We learn Kate went to trial for the crimes she committed before the island and is let off with probation due to Jack’s testimony and her mom no longer being a witness.

Back in real time Desmond and Sayid take the helicopter to the freight where they hope to solicit some help in getting their friends rescued. Once on the boat, Desmond, who was exposed to radiation, starts having some problems. He starts blacking out on the ship and every time this happens he goes back in time. We learn this has happened to others on the boat and if it continues, Desmond will lose his memory and eventually die. In order to be cured he must find a “constant” (something important to him in both the past and present time), which turns out to be Penny. He visits her in the past and tells her that he’s going to call her on Christmas eve in 8 years and to not change her number. He then calls her from the ship which restores his memory and cures his condition.

More flash forwards show Hurley living in a mental institution after being haunted by dead people. Sun is back home but visits a grave stone with Jin’s name on it, and Jack and Kate are even living together in one scene. Jack also learns at a memorial service for his dad, that Claire was his sister. One of my fav future stories shows Ben waking up Widmore in the middle of the night to tell him that since he had his daughter killed, Ben is going after Penny.

A flashback shows us some interesting details in the life of John Locke. We see that his mom had him when she was just 16 and he was continually visited by Richard Alpert (creepy guy from island that never appears to age) throughout his life. He was also visited by Matthew Abaddon from the island after his accident who suggested he go to Australia to go “walkabout”.

In real time, Ben, Hurley and Locke find Jacob’s cabin. Ben claims “his time is over” and now Locke must go in alone. He sees a man sitting in a chair (Jack/Claire’s dead father). He says he’s there speaking on behalf of Jacob. Also in the cabin is Claire (we aren’t sure if she is alive or dead). He tells Locke he must “move the island” in order to save it. They head to the Orchid station where Ben gives Locke instructions on moving the island.

In the final episode, Jack meets up with Locke and Ben in the Orchid station. As Ben and Locke descend down an elevator, Locke warns Jack that he needs to lie about what happened on the island to protect it. He said it’s a place where miracles happen and even if he tries to leave the island will call him back.

In the Orchid station, Locke watches a video that tell him this is a secret station used to make experiments on time and space. On the video they put a rabbit in the vault and send it back in time a fraction of a second. The video states to never put metal in the vault which puzzles Locke (since at the same time Ben is piling all the metal he can find in there). Keamy (evil guy from the freight boat that is there to capture Ben and kill pretty much anybody in his way) finds them in the vault and tries to kill them. He said his heart rate is tied to the bomb trigger so if they kill him, everyone on the boat dies. This doesn’t stop Ben from stabbing him in the chest.

The metal Ben puts in the vault explodes and makes a giant hole in the back of the vault. Ben gets ready to head through the hole and explains to Locke that the person that moves the island can never come back. He tells Locke where the others are and leaves him in care of the island. He climbs down a ladder and into an ancient chamber where he moves a wheel that sends a blinding light over the island.

Meanwhile the chopper takes Kate, Jack, Sawyer and Sayid back to the boat when they start losing fuel. Sawyer jumps out and swims back to the island to save the others.

The helicopter has just enough time to reach the ship and refuel before they have to head out again. They are joined by Sun and Hurley who made it to the boat from the island. Desmond gets on but Michael and Jin are still trying to stop the bomb from going off by spraying the bomb’s battery with liquid nitrogen. After this runs out they have just seconds left. Michael tells Jin to save himself and he tends to the bomb. As the nitrogen runs out Jin just about makes it to the chopper, but falls short. We see the bomb go off and that is the last we see of Michael and Jin (who we assume don’t make it).

The folks in the chopper then see a bright light wash over the island, and then the island disappears! The chopper eventually goes down again and the crew get in the life boat. They are picked up by Penny’s rescue ship and she is finally reunited with Desmond.

Flash forward. Jack is in a funeral parlor to view “Jeremy Bentham’s” casket when Ben walks in. Jack says the last time we he saw Bentham was about a month ago. He told Jack that after they left the island bad things happened, and it was his fault for leaving. He told Jack to go back. Ben tells him that all of them have to go back. Jack tells him that he doesn’t even speak to the others now (Hurley is crazy, Sun blames him for Jin’s death, and Kate isn’t speaking to him). Ben said he can help, but when he said all of them, he meant the guy in the coffin too (Jeremy Bentham), the camera zooms in and we see that Jeremy Bentham is John Locke…dun dun dun!!