LIE TO ME Pilot Episode – Early Review

LIE TO ME Review: Pilot (Season 1 Episode 1) – Premiering Wednesday, January 21, at 9pm on Fox.

lie to me

Imagine you had the ability to know when someone is lying. Sounds good, right? Now what if you couldn’t turn it off? This is the situation that Dr. Cal Lightman (Tim Roth) is faced with. I have watched the first episode of Lie To Me and I have only thing to say: OMG!

The premise of Lie To Me is about Carl Lightman and his team who are contracted by law enforcement for training, education and also investigation purposes. Basically, if you are a cop and you want to get the best lie detector in the world, you get Carl Lightman and his team.

I have to say that, based on the pilot, this bodes really well. It is smart, engaging and also kinda funny at times. It’s like House but instead of patients, we have Liars and instead of a grumpy doctor, we have a grumpy shrink (Ok, he’s not a douche like House but we are kind of close).

Tim Roth as Carl Lightman is pure brilliance. Great acting, great presence. Makes it look easy as pie. I particularly like how he deals with his employees and also how he hires them. (You will know what I mean in the airport scene)

Lie To Me is the first show in a long time that got me to sit up and pay attention because I was excited to see how Carl and his team operate. I felt like I was watching a magic show, except that I was shown all the tricks.

The crazy thing about Lie To Me is that the premise is very real. It turns out that the science behind it was developed by a psychologist named Paul Ekman who spent about 40 years researching the science behind non verbal communication, which lead to the techniques to detect liars.

Although this sounds wicked cool, there is a downside to that technique and they touch upon it a little bit in the pilot episode. The problem with that method is that you cannot turn it off. You know when people are lying to you, which makes it very hard to function in society.

Seriously, it’s even affected me a bit. I was talking to a friend and she gave me what I used to think was a genuine smile but it was so ridiculously fake that it caught me off guard. Had it not been for the show, I would have never known? Now, does that mean that I have severed all ties with said friend? No. But I am more careful than usual around her.

Basically, you know it is a good show when you start trying to be a human lie detector after watching the first episode. Needless to say, Lie To Me has got me hooked.

So what do you guys think of this premise? Think you can stomach knowing when people lie to you? Then don’t forget to tune in tomorrow, Wednesday January 21 at 9pm on Fox.