Review: The Office “Duel” (Season 5 Episode 11)

What did you think of tonight’s episode of The Office, “Duel”? Personally, I didn’t see how this show was going to top the Christmas episode where Meredith set her hair on fire, but I was wrong. Andy taking on Dwight in his Toyota Prius was maybe the best thing I’ve seen all year (granted I don’t get out much and we are only a couple weeks in to 2009).

We learn that Andy still doesn’t know about Angela’s affair with Dwight. I loved Jim’s comment about how Andy wasn’t going to figure it out until their kids are born with giant heads and beet stained teeth. I felt really bad for Andy tonight. As he sat in blissful ignorance, Dwight prepared for an ambush. “Rule 17: don’t turn your back on bears, men you have wronged, or the dominant turkey during mating season.” I would love it if they would show us Dwight’s mom and dad. Any parents that frighten children into thinking they will get eaten in their sleep, if they don’t learn their rules, are okay by me. Probably the best quote of the night, for me anyway, was when Kevin goes, “come on man, believe in something” LOL

I’ve always kind of thought of Meredith as the office ho, but now I take it back. Meredith is more rock n roll, a free spirit if you will. Angela is the ho. I can’t believe she was sleeping with both Andy and Dwight at the same time! I felt sort of relieved when Andy finally learned everything that was going on. I wonder if Angela will try to win them back? If so, who do you think she will pick? I think she has a shot at getting Dwight back. Sure she lied to him, but Dwight also murdered her cat. Maybe they can just call it even?’