Early Review: BATTLESTAR GALACTICA “Sometimes A Great Notion” (Season 4 Episode 11)

Michael Hogan as Col. Saul Tigh, Lucy Lawless as D'Anna Biers

I just finished watching the first of the 10 new episodes from BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, “Sometimes A Great Notion,” which premieres tonight, January 16, at 10pm on Sci Fi. All I gotta say is FRAK ME!!!

Unfortunately, I have been sworn not to reveal the juiciest details from the premiere, but I will try to do my best to convey how exciting the episode was.

The episode starts right where we left off on Earth after the grim discovery. The most interesting thing to me is to see how humans and cylons are now equal, with Earth in that state, there is nothing to fight over anymore.

As you can imagine the fleet is pretty depressed and everyone deals with it in their own way.

But now on to the interesting stuff, the episode reveals quite a few things about the Cylons, someone on the fleet, and Earth, which will still leave you going “What the frak!” Those writers know how to write. They give you just enough to hook you, and once they have you BAM you don’t know how you ended up on the edge of your seat.

More specifically, there is one scene that made me gasp literally. I didn’t see it coming, not in a million years, and you won’t see it coming either, but man it’s jaw dropping.

If this is any indication as to what these last 10 (well 9) episodes will be like, Oh My God it’s going to be breathtaking. Because mind you this is only the beginning, they are only scratching the surface with the episode.

And finally I have to let you know that one scene was removed from the screener we received in order to maintain secrecy on apparently an “extremely sensitive reveal.” I think I know exactly where the scene was taken from and you won’t be surprised to know that I think they removed the very last scene because the episode ended quite abruptly, it felt weird and it seems like an appropriate place to put the big reveal. So I along with all you guys will be in front of my TV tomorrow night at 10pm watching Battlestar Galactica on Sci Fi waiting anxiously to find out what they left out (I’m not bitter, not at all, ha!).

Point is, and honestly I don’t think I need to convince you, if you have been following Battlestar Galactica that far, you need to watch Battlestar Galactica when it returns tonight, January 16, at 10pm on Sci Fi.

I cannot wait to hear what you all think!