Winter 2009 TV Daily Schedules

The Holidays are over and TV is slowly starting up again.

Because we know how confusing all the schedule changes are (trust me I’m still confused and I had to create the daily schedules) and at the request of our readers, we once again have our Winter 2009 TV Daily Schedules ready to help you prepare your TV watching.

We’ll try to keep them as up to date as possible, and since there will be a few changes in Spring, I think we’ll have new schedules in Spring for you as well.

You can also take a look at out Winter & Spring 2009 Premiere dates.

So here they are, the Winter 2009 Daily Schedules for TV:

Mondays TV Schedule

Tuesdays TV Schedule
Wednesdays TV Schedule
Thursdays TV Schedule
Fridays TV Schedule
Sundays TV Schedule