DVD Review: KYLE XY The Complete Second Season – Revelations

Kyle XY Season 2 DVD

KYLE XY Season 2 came out on DVD last week and seriously, it has taken me more than a week to get through it. I mean this as a positive thing, because there are just so many episodes (23 to be exact) in addition to the special features, that you are sure to get your money’s worth.

And what a better way to get ready for Season 3 which premieres on January 12, at 9pm on ABC Family.

The coolest thing about watching the episodes of Kyle XY Season 2 again is that I had totally forgotten that Amanda still had a boyfriend, Charlie, at the beginning of the season. Which makes me realize how much happened in Season Two.

Since some of you might not have seen the full season yet, I am going to do a two part review. The first part will be a non-spoiler review of the DVD and the second part will include spoilers, so read at your own risk.

For those of you who haven’t seen season 2 of Kyle XY yet, I can tell you that you are in for a great ride. The season ends so far away from where it started and with a cliffhanger. We of course learn more about Kyle’s abilities throughout the season, but we also meet Jessi, Kyle’s female equal, and she brings in quite a few dramas.

But that’s not all, get ready for some major changes in the lives of Josh and Lori as well. But I won’t say more, you’ll have to watch it all for yourself, it’s so much better that way.

The writers really outdid themselves this season and brought us an incredible second season. No wonder so many people have fallen in love with Kyle XY.

Here is hoping Season 3, which premieres on January 12, is as good (or better).

But a DVD wouldn’t be complete without some Special Features, so here they are:

Each DVD includes commentaries as well as deleted scenes, the perfect combo for fans of the show.

You also get to see a midseason alternate ending between Kyle and Jessi, which might anger some Kyle and Amanda fans.

And of course some behind the scenes features, like following Matt Dallas and Jaimie Alexander during a day on the set of Kyle XY.

And finally, we learn more about what inspired the science of Kyle XY.

Check out some clips from what you can find in the DVD below:

Scene from Kyle XY Season 2

Scene from Special Feature Livin’ with the X’s

The part that follows will contain SPOILERS of Season 2, so read at your own risk:

There are so many things that I forgot and was reminded of by watching the season over again, as well as so much that I loved watching again. Like Andy and Josh, I forgot how cute these two were.

Amanda and Kyle’s relationship as a whole, although I’m still not a fan.

Declan and Lori, I guess it wasn’t meant to be. I wonder who the next love interest will be for both. Although Mark might be a potential for Lori.

What about finally meeting Sarah (played by Ally Sheedy)? Pretty cool.

But the best moments of season 2 has to be Kyle’s hug with Andy as he removed her cancer, that was memorable.

It seems that the writers keep coming up with amazing storylines that make us come back for more. Can’t wait for Season 3.


Kyle, our mysterious hero with seemingly superhuman powers, returns to the only family he knows, the Tragers. Knowing pieces of his complicated origin and the danger it brings, Kyle has no choice but to lead a double life: one as an average teenager navigating adolescence and another as an extraordinary human being trying to understand his purpose. As Kyle adjusts to this new life, Jessi, a mysterious girls with similar superhuman abilities, moves into the community and stirs thing up in the Trager household.

In Season 2, Kyle discovers how he was scientifically created by Adam Bailin and he starts to train his extraordinary abilities. Kyle’s link to Jessi XX are also developed and new relationships begin between Kyle and Amanda, Jessi and Declan, and Josh and Andy.

DVD Bonus Features

– Alternate Ending
– Livin’ with the X’s
– Facing the Future
– The Science of Kyle XY
– Deleted Scenes
– Audio Commentaries – Featuring the Cast, Writers and Producers