DAMAGES Returns Tonight for Season 2 on FX

Glenn Close - Damages

Patty Hewes is back tonight when DAMAGES returns for its second season tonight, January 7, at 10pm on FX.

Last season was pretty mind blowing if you ask me, so now it’s all about whether they can recapture it in season 2.

So far they are on the right path, did you see the new actors coming on board this season?! William Hurt, Timothy Olyphant, and Marcia Gay Harden, hell yes!

The first episode dives right into the action and although Ellen is still working for Patty, things have changed. Maybe the fact that Patty tried to kill her has something to do with it, you be the judge. But you will want to tune in for sure to find out just how messed up their relationship is (or isn’t).

I do think the best part of this season will be the new additions to the cast. William Hurt’s character has gotten me quite intrigued as to what’s coming up.

Timothy Olyphant plays, I guess, a “love interest” (if that’s what we can call them in Damages) to Ellen. And as a fan, I am of course very excited to see more of his character.

But the best part of the first episode to me is the set up of what happens 6 months later. The opening scene takes place 6 months in the future as we see Ellen talking to someone (we don’t know who) and holding a gun. If season one has taught us anything it’s that we won’t find out the whole story until the end.

Don’t forget to watch Damages tonight, January 7, at 10pm on FX.