Daemon’s TV Top 10 TV Shows of 2008

Yes, it comes a little later than we had hoped, but we still felt the need to share what our favorite TV shows were in 2008.

But before we go through the list, I need to define what we mean by best TV show. Since this is a list for 2008 and 2008 only, only the seasons that were aired during 2008 will be taken into account.

The list represents only our opinion and what we personally loved to watch and got us really excited in 2008, so yes there might be a few surprises there, but keep an open mind.

UPDATE: I just realized I left out a really important TV Show: Moonlight!!! For some reason I thought it was 2007, but someone knocked some sense into me and so I’m adding Moonlight as a Bonus entry.

Daemon’s TV Top 10 TV Shows of 2008:

#1 True Blood

True Blood

If you have been a regular reader (first off thanks!), you probably guessed this would be our #1 favorite show. It had been a while since I was looking forward to episodes of a TV show week after week so impatiently, but True Blood did that for me. I actually got quite a few people into the show, oh no wait let me rephrase that, I got quite a few people obsessed with the show.

#2 Lost


Without question the best season of Lost so far was this year (Season 4). I have one word for you: The Constant (ok technically it’s two), still haven’t gotten over that one. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s a must.

Bonus Entry: Moonlight


I cannot believe that I forgot to put Moonlight on this list when I first came up with it. I didn’t realize Moonlight was this year, it feels like it’s been off the air for so long. So I’m adding it as a Bonus Entry between Lost and Doctor Who. Who could forget Mick St. John, Beth, and Josef?! One of the saddest cancellation for me to this date.

#3 Doctor Who

Doctor Who

Ever since I discovered Doctor Who I have been addicted. I cannot get over how good the show is episode after episode, season after season. And this year Donna was a great sidekick. Plus the finale blew me out of the water. Doctor Who has got to have the best season finales ever.

#4 Torchwood


Torchwood is up there with Doctor Who in my books. Brits seems to have a knack to come up with great Sci Fi shows. And once again the finale blew my mind. When is the show returning already, I want my weekly dose of Captain Jack Harkness.

#5 Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica

One word: Earth. Yep, I love Battlestar Galactica.

#6 Supernatural


I say it and I keep repeating it, Season 4 of Supernatural is the best (is there something about Seasons 4 that I should know?). Bringing in the angels was the best idea the writing staff has had. I am totally ready for the rest in 2009.

#7 Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights

One of the best acted shows on television, Friday Night Lights keeps getting better and better. And let’s not forget the writing, sensational. The characters and drama feel so true, it’s hard not to fall in love with the people from Dillon every week.

#8 Dexter


I honestly thought that Miguel Prado wouldn’t be such a great nemesis for Dexter, but boy was I wrong. This season proved once again why Dexter is such a popular show.

#9 Eureka


This is my feel-good show and as so it deserved a spot on our Top 10 TV Shows list. Carter and the town of Eureka always put a smile on my face, how many other shows can claim that?!

#10 In Treatment

In Treatment

This little show sneaked up on me just as I didn’t think I would want to watch it. Look at it now finishing up our list at #10. I guess my interest in psychology was the perfect audience for the show. And of course the great acting definitely helped.

And that concludes our list. As you can see Sci Fi Channel and HBO are the winners this year for us. Let’s hope 2009 is as good for them as 2008 was.

What about you guys, which were you favorite TV shows of 2008? Share below.