PRIVILEGED Episode 13 “All About What Lies Beneath” Review

Lucy Kate Hale as Rose - Privileged

PRIVILEGED returns tonight, January 6, at 9pm The CW.

I got a sneak peek at the episode and it was real fun. Megan wants to take the next step with Will and I gotta admit they find an interesting way to do it. I am really loving these two right now.

Charlie decides he wants to go back to school. I have to say though that the news of Michael Cassidy leaving the show kind of makes me less excited about Charlie and Megan. I really wanted these two to get together at some point, but now it might not happen the way I wanted. Good thing I’m warming up to Will.

As for Sage and Rose, well they come up with a plan to get Sage closer to Luis. I won’t tell you how things end up, but I will say that’s it’s pretty cute and I cannot wait to see more.

So make sure you tune in tonight for Privileged‘s return.