NCIS “Caged” (Season 6 Episode 12) Review

Sean Murray, Mark Harmon

NCIS is back in style with their first episode of 2009 and what an episode.

McGee really stepped up to the plate by playing Mr Badass negotiator. It was good to see the character be more assertive. I really want to see more of that assertive side. I would even go as far as saying that it would be great if McGee went a little dark on us. Which brings me to a particular point that I want to make on NCIS.

This season, I would love to see the NCIS characters get out of their comfort zone and placed in a position that is challenging. Here are my suggestions:

– Gibbs being all cheery during one whole episode.
– Ziva being all feminine (and not so femme fatale) for one whole episode.
– Abby being all proper and stuck up for one whole episode.
– Tony being all polite for one whole episode.

and on and on.

What do you guys want to see this season on NCIS?