10 ITEMS OR LESS Returns Tonight for Season 3 on tbs

Christopher Liam Moore, John Lehr, Chris Payne Gilbert

10 ITEMS OR LESS returns for its third season tonight, January 6, at 11pm on tbs.

I hadn’t seen the show before but I got a sneak peek at the first episode and I found it entertaining.

The Greens & Grains team uses frozen turkeys and soda bottles to play bowling, they just got me right there. Seriously, I want to play too.

Watch a preview clip below.

“Turkey Bowling” – There’s a new general manager at the SuperValueMart, and she is just as determined as the last one to see Greens & Grains go under. When Leslie, Todd and Carl create a new grocery store bowling game using frozen turkeys as balls and soda bottles as pins, she bets Leslie he can’t throw 3,000 frames without leaving a single pin standing. With his dignity on the line, Leslie takes her up on the bet, and gambling fever takes over the store.

Directed by Nancy Hower
Written by Nancy Hower & John Lehr
Created by Robert Hickey & Nancy Hower & John Lehr

Series Regulars
Carl – Bob Clendenin
Buck – Greg Davis Jr.
Todd – Chris Payne Gilbert
Ingrid – Kirsten Gronfield
Richard – Christopher Liam Moore
Yolanda – Robert Valderrama
And John Lehr as Leslie Pool

Special Guest Star
Kim Coles as Mercy P. Jones

Guest Stars
Charles Kliphouse – Ralph Garman
Zack – Hamilton Von Watts