GOSSIP GIRL “In the Realm of the Basses” (Season 2 Episode 14) Discussion

Ed Westwick as Chuck, Blake Lively as Serena, Penn Badgley as Dan

What Did You Think of GOSSIP GIRL “In the Realm of the Basses”?

It was pretty much what I was expecting it to be. The writers set up their new canvas to paint on this new year.

Jenny is back in school and is not worried about being popular anymore (good for her!).

Of course Serena and Dan are back together, again! How many times has it been now? Three? I guess we all know what’s going to happen next… that’s right they’re going to break up again because they never really fixed what made them break up in the first place did they?

Rufus dealt with the aftermath of finding out he had a kid out there. Originally I thought that Lily had an abortion, so I have to take back what I previously said about it, because I can now understand why Rufus is so mad, I would be too. I wonder if we’ll ever get to meet the kid (Brothers & Sisters style!).

But the most interesting story tonight was Chuck. I am happy to say that everything worked out the way I wanted (and expected) it to. Chuck was found by his uncle (played by Desmond Harrington from Dexter) and brought back to Blair. But it could not end there (mostly because the writers had to fill a 40 minutes episode), so we get Chuck going to the edge (literally) and Blair saving him, and that’s why I (and you guys) love Gossip Girl. It’s all about the drama!

Overall, this was a pretty good first episode of the year, but of course this is only the beginning. Chuck is not out of the abyss yet and next week will bring us more excitement.

So did you guys think this was a good first episode for the new year? Is anyone annoyed by Serena and Dan being back together?