What We Watch When There is Nothing on TV: HGTV

First I would like to apologize for the lack of posting lately, but with the Holidays coming and all the TV shows on hiatus, I took this time to prepare for the Holidays.

That said it doesn’t mean that I stopped watching TV, and what do I watch when there are no TV shows? HGTV.

They have so many shows that I love to watch throughout the day. I just set my DVR and record most of them to enjoy later.

One of the downfalls is that of course now I want to redo my whole place (especially my kitchen and bathroom, seriously these guys come up with incredible things) and don’t have the money for it, but it also gives you ideas and tricks to remodel your home at a low price.

Which shows would I recommend? Here is a list of all the shows I enjoy watching:

Design on a Dime

Probably my favorite is DESIGN ON A DIME because it gives you ideas as to how you can remodel a room in your house for $1000, and they make it look really good.

Spice Up My Kitchen

SPICE UP MY KITCHEN – Just because I love to think about how great my kitchen could potentially be. And believe it or not, I actually have found quite a few ideas that I am thinking of implementing in the future.

Save My Bath

SAVE MY BATH – They come up with some amazing bathrooms, and once again it makes me daydream about getting a bathroom like that in the future.

Myles of Style

MYLES OF STYLE – I didn’t know that when I started watching the show, but the host Kim Myles is the winner of Design Star 2. Once again, she comes up with some great ways to redesign rooms. Just today I actually loved something very simple she did on a wall, and am thinking of doing the same thing on my wall.

Property Virgins

PROPERTY VIRGINS – You follow first-time buyers on their house hunting. I always find it fun to look at the different houses and places they visit.

House Hunters

HOUSE HUNTERS – You follow individuals, couples and families looking for a new place to live. They usually have a choice between three places and it’s fun trying to guess which one they pick (I always guess wrong by the way, but it doesn’t prevent me from trying every time).

Dear Genevieve

And finally, a new show that I am interested in checking out, which premieres on January 1st 2009, is DEAR GENEVIEVE, in which Designer Genevieve Gorder helps homeowners come up with better designs. The best part is she picks her project from the pictures uploaded on the HGTV website. So if you want to have the chance for Genevieve Gorder to help you design part of your home, go upload you picture on the Dear Genevieve website.

Make sure you check out HGTV’s website to find out more information about each show.

So how about you guys, do you watch any shows on HGTV? Or maybe any design shows on other channels? I’m always open for suggestions. Please share.