DVD Review: LOST Season 4 (aka the Best Season)

Lost Season 4 DVD

Season 4 of LOST was just released on DVD and Blue-ray last week, and I took the chance to not only watch all the episodes again, but to take a look at all the special features, which are just that, special.

Since I do realize that not everybody that is interested in getting this DVD has actually seen Season 4, I decided to divide my review in two parts. One will be a non-spoiler review of the DVD, and the other part will expend on part one by mentioning specific episodes and events that happened during the season. So if you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t cross the SPOILER line below.

The first thing you need to know about this season, is that so far it is my favorite season. I was starting to get a little disappointed by previous seasons, and just wasn’t that excited about Lost, but because of Season 4, Lost has moved back up to one of my top favorites shows.

After a pretty shocking cliffhanger at the end of Season 3 (what do you mean flash forward!!!), needless to say there is much to be excited about this season. Episode after episode Lost amazed me and made me beg for more. This season only has 14 episodes, but you don’t one to miss a single one. Each one will reveal more and more about what’s to come. Yes, it’s true Lost is finally giving us some answers, although they keep adding questions as well (what do you expect, this is Lost). The difference with this season is that it feels like everything is moving towards a goal, an ending point, which is in fact coming.

Of course, the last episode will leave you excited for the next chapter with the reveal of who’s funeral Jack was talking about at the end of Season 3.

The special features are really great, and I am not usually one of those people that spend a lot of time on special features, but I took the time to watch all of them. Their behind the scenes videos are really fun since you get to go behind the scenes and check out how some of the scenes from Season 4 were filmed. You also find out how Hawaii is transformed into different places in the world, and much more. Definitely worth spending the time on them. You can find the full list of features below.

So if you want to be up to date and ready to go for the new season premiering on January 21st, then make sure to get the Lost Season 4 DVD or Blue-ray.

Rating: 5/5


This is for all you fans who have already seen the season. I already thought it was genius the first time around, but watching it again just reminded me how brilliant this season was.

I got chills right off the bat, with the first episode when Hurley says for the first time “I’m one of the Ocean Six.” Brilliant! (I get chills just writing it even!)

And of course the first time we meet Daniel Faraday, who is such a great character. One of my favorites. I guess it doesn’t hurt that I have been a fan of Jeremy Davies for a while.

“The Constant” episode with Desmond going back and forth in time has to be my all time favorite episode of Lost. The smartest writing I have seen in a while. My jaw was dropped the whole way through. I loved watching the episode over again.

Sawyer going back to the Island to save the others (well, really I think he just wanted to save Kate). I want to find out what he asked Kate to do for him.

And finally, Ben actually moving the freaking Island will go down in Lost history.

But I think the question on everybody’s mind as we get closer to the premiere of season 5 is, ok there are two: Where is the Island? And what happened to the people on it?

I am so looking forward to Season 5. Don’t forget to tune in to ABC on January 21, 2009.

***************************END SPOILERS*******************************


Lost Bloopers

Audio Commentaries

Deleted Scenes

Lost on Location – Go Behind The Scenes With The Cast and Crew

The Freighter Folk – A look at the new faces from the Freighter

The Right to Bear Arms – Check out the guns of LOST. And find out what it’s like working with so much firepower.

The Island Backlot: Lost In Hawaii – Discover how Hawaii is transformed into the world of LOST.

The Oceanic Six: A Conspiracy Of Lies – Controversial underground documentary questioning the survivors of Oceanic 815.

Offshore Shoot – Building and shooting on the freighter set.

Soundtrack Of Survival: Composing For Character, Conflict & The Crash – Experience the first-ever live performance of the score by the Honolulu Symphony Pops.