TERMINATOR SCC “Earthlings Welcome Here” Discussion

Ok, was it just me or was this a weird Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles episode? At the end of it, I was like: “Huh!?”

I felt like I was watching a bad presentation in class where the presentor is trying to say a lot of things but ends up saying nothing. I think the TSCC writers just put way too many storylines in one episode. It ended up being this unintelligible soup.

Also, what up with the diss on blogs? Every TV blogger out there was like: “Wait a minute, are they talking about me?” Well, it kinda felt like it when John said something about how you can’t trust blogs. I will take it as a sign that the writers are sending a big FU to the online community…..or maybe I am reading way too much into it.

Overall, not a great episode at all. especially compared with the quality episodes that we had all throughout the season.