First Look: ABC Family’s SNOW 2 BRAIN FREEZE

Tom Cavanagh, Ashley Williams, Patrick Fabian - Snow 2 Brain Freeze

Tonight, December 14, as part of its 25 Days of Christmas, ABC Family will premiere its new original movie, SNOW 2 BRAIN FREEZE, the sequel to Snow, at 8pm.

In Snow 2 Brain Freeze, Tom Cavanagh reprises his role as Nick Snowden, aka Santa, who, in the rush of preparing for his biggest day of the year – Christmas! – loses his memory and forgets who he is! Will Nick remember that he is Santa in time for Christmas?

Snow 2 Brain Freeze also stars Ashley Williams as Sandy Snowden and Patrick Fabian as Buck.

While I hadn’t seen the first Snow movie (if you haven’t either you can also catch Snow tonight at 6pm right before Snow 2 Brain Freeze), I was able to understand pretty much the whole story.

Tom Cavanagh is really great as the naive Santa who lost his memory. Ashley Williams brings her sweetness, and Patrick Fabian is once again perfect as the evil guy who wants to ruin Christmas. The story is of course the typical feel good Christmas movie and I wasn’t expecting anything less.

Overall, I think this is another great ABC Family Christmas movie perfect for the whole family to enjoy and it will definitely put you in the mood for Christmas.

Don’t miss Snow 2 Brain Freeze tonight on ABC Family at 8pm.