DEXTER “Do You Take Dexter Morgan?” Discussion

DEXTER “Do You Take Dexter Morgan?” Season 3 Episode 12 Discussion

DEXTER ends a riveting season with a bang, a small bang but a bang nevertheless. It was cool but somewhat predictable.

To be fair, it wasn’t the fault of the writers. It’s just that since I saw the pictures of this Dexter episode before hand I knew that Dexter was going to get out of King’s grip. Now what I didn’t know is that he would go as far as breaking his hand to do that. That was hardcore.

What I thought was interesting is what Debra is going to discover next season about Dexter’s mom. If she makes the connection, what would be the consequences of that?

Michael C. Hall said in the post finale interview that next season will focus on Dexter trying to reign in his appetites. Will that mean that he will kill outside the code? Or will he be tempted to kill someone close to him again?

I know what Dexter needs. He needs to sit down and come up with a “Do Not Kill” list. A list of all the people that he would never kill unless there was no other option (Like going all “Miguel Prado” on somebody). Who would be on this list? Here are my top five:

1. Debra
2. Rita
3. Angel
4. Masuka
5. LaGuerta

Anyone else you put there?