PRIVILEGED Episode 12 “All About the Ripple Effect” Discussion

Lucy Kate Hale as Rose and Ashley Newbrough as Sage

What Did You Think of PRIVILEGED “All About the Ripple Effect”?

We finally got to meet Megan’s mother. While I’m not sure I would want a mother like that, her return did allow for a breakthrough in Megan’s relationship with Will. She followed his advice and he opened up to her about his needs. I found that last scene between the two very sweet.

And Charlie, well I don’t care what he says, he is totally still in love with Megan. Now it’s just about time until he realizes that he needs to tell her.

Another thing that I really enjoyed in tonight’s episode was Rose and Sage’s “games” to make each other admit who they like. I think it’s the first time we really see how much they care about each other and how they express it.

Overall, a sweet episode which set up a few story lines that we can expect to expend in the future.

Do you think Charlie should tell Megan how he feels or should he stay with his girlfriend?