GOSSIP GIRL “O Brother, Where Bart Thou?” (Season 2 Episode 13) Discussion

Leighton Meester as Blair, Ed Westwick as Chuck, Chace Crawford as Nate

What Did You Think of GOSSIP GIRL “O Brother, Where Bart Thou?”?

It’s hard to believe that only a week ago, I was complaining about Blair and Chuck, when tonight’s episode was so great. Bart’s death let out Chuck’s vulnerable side, so it’s only appropriate that Blair would be the only one that could reach him.

And just when Blair finally decides to utter those three simple words, it just wasn’t meant to be. I really thought this time they would find a way to get together, but Chuck had to run away. I guess it’s all about him falling harder in order for Blair to build him back up.

As for Serena and Dan, I cannot believe they are considering getting back together. Haven’t we done that twice already? But I have to admit that there is a little part of me that wanted Serena and Dan to get back together. It’s like a sick game they play.

There is one thing I have to say about Gossip Girl though, they do not know how to create good secrets. From Serena supposedly “killing” someone (note the quotation marks because come on she did not kill anybody, that story line was just ridiculous) last season. And now Lily supposedly has this huge secret that she doesn’t want anybody to know. So I’m expecting some shocking thing that happened, but turns out all it was was that she was pregnant with Rufus’ child, and apparently got an abortion. Now I understand why it’s a big deal for Rufus, but I don’t understand why everyone else made such a big deal out of it. I was very disappointed, once again. Seriously, have her at least kill someone (but for real) now that’s shocking.

What do you guys say, were you shocked by the revelation of Lily’s secret? How about Serena and Dan, should they get back together?