DIRTY SEXY MONEY “The Plan” (Season 2 Episode 9)

Watch a promo from DIRTY SEXY MONEY Season 2 Episode 9, “The Plan” airing this Wednesday, December 10, at 10pm on ABC.

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Episode Synopsis: “The Plan” – Filled with love for Carmelita, newly-elected Senator Patrick Darling goes against Nick and Tripp’s advice and invites her to his inauguration. Meanwhile Chase defies his agreement with the Darlings and threatens to go public with his accusation that Patrick murdered his sister; Jeremy finds out that Simon has control of Nola’s little brother; as Andrea’s health dims, Brian promises God anything to make her well again; and Karen goes to Nick’s apartment to make amends with him, but is confronted by a gun-wielding intruder.

“Dirty Sexy Money” stars Peter Krause as Nick George, Donald Sutherland as Tripp Darling, William Baldwin as Patrick Darling, Natalie Zea as Karen Darling, Glenn Fitzgerald as Brian Darling, Seth Gabel as Jeremy Darling, Zoe McLellan as Lisa George, with Blair Underwood as Simon Elder, Jill Clayburgh as Letitia Darling and Lucy Liu as Nola Lyons.

Guest starring are Sheryl Lee as Andrea, Candis Cayne as Carmelita, Scott Holroyd as Chase Alexander, John Rubinstein as Dr. Zwerling, Briana Lane as receptionist, Eddie Driscoll as cop #1, Richard McGonagle as Bishop Bascombe, Dale Wadding Horowitz as attending nurse, Eric Curtis Johnson as patrolman, Mel Fair as TV reporter, Dean Napolitano as state trooper and Daryl Keith Roach as chief of police.

“The Plan” is written by Yahlin Chang & Emily Whitesell and directed by Michael Schultz.