DEXTER “I Had A Dream” Discussion

Lauren Velez as Lt. Maria Laguerta and Jimmy Smits as Miguel Prado

OMFG, how brilliant was this DEXTER episode? Once again, Dexter’s writers are insanely talented in how they weave a story of treachery and betrayal.

If I had to bet, I would have thought that they would have strung us along as long as they could with the Miguel-Dexter conflict ending with the resolution on the season finale. Obviously I would have lost that bet.

By resolving the Miguel-Dexter conflict in this episode, we are now facing a whole new set of challenges with Dexter now having to deal with Ramon AND Georges King, while at the same time trying to get married to Rita.

This is mind-boggling Machiavellian level story-telling that I just can’t get enough of. I can’t wait for next week.

PS: I hate to end on a sour note. My only “Huh?” moment was when Dexter told Deb about his dad sleeping with a CI. That just seemed out of the blue and actually kind of careless, as this will now open up a can of worms for Dex. Weird, right?