TRUE BLOOD Season 1 Final Thoughts

Anna Paquin - True Blood

I realize that TRUE BLOOD has finished its first season already, but since I wasn’t able to write the last review because of technical difficulties (damn technology!), I thought I would share some quick final thoughts.

Is Lafayette dead?

First of all, I was right about them ending on another crazy cliffhanger! So what do you guys think, is Lafayette dead?

When I first watched the last episode of True Blood, “You’ll Be the Death of me,” I thought he was dead, but after talking with other people, I am wondering if it was really him in the car, or if it was just a trick to make us think he’s dead. All I know is I most likely won’t wait until next season to find out, I’ll read the books.

Here’s another question though, what/who do you think attacked Lafayette. I thought it was a dog or wolf. I am guessing werewolf. But that’s just a guess.

Who is Maryann really?

In addition to Lafayette’s mysterious disappearance, the season leaves us with questions as to who Maryann really is. Apparently she knows Sam and his secret, and Sam doesn’t seem to like her, which tells me she can’t be good news.

Bill’s Sacrifice

Holy crap that was the most awesome scene ever, when Bill walked out in the sunlight to save Sookie. I won’t forget that anytime soon.

Jason’s Newfound Calling

Well, Jason is just Jason, there is no hope for him. But I have to say this new calling of his must be setting up some great story lines for next season. I mean his sister is dating a vampire, and that’s conflict right there, especially if Jason tries to kill Bill.

Which begs the question, who would win in a fight between Jason and Bill?

True Blood Season 1 is the Strongest Season for any show ever

I will honestly say that True Blood is the first season of a show for which I have loved absolutely every single episode. Usually there are one or two that are just ok, but True Blood delivered episode after episode. The only other show that is a runner up is Supernatural‘s current season 4, but even there I have seen one episode that was just ok.

True Blood rocks, but unfortunately…

True Blood comes back in the Summer 2009

Come on! That is way too long for me to get my fix. Again, the books might help with the wait.

I think I went over everything that was really memorable for me. Feel free to add any thoughts and comments and let’s hope for a great season 2 of True Blood.