THE OFFICE “The Surplus” (Season 5 Episode 9) Discussion


Hi folks, I am taking over for Amie today. So What Did You Think of THE OFFICE “The Surplus”?

I thought it was hilarious in so many ways. Best episode of the season by far.

Three things that I take away from the episode.

First, what is up with Pam being all psycho about winning? I guess Jim didn’t know that about her. Tuna, word to the wise, do not take on the Mrs. in a challenge. Thankfully Jim came up ahead in the end. However, what we don’t see is what will happen to him when he gets home. Two words: John Bobitt.

Second, Michael really killed it today. From the hilarious indecisiveness to the bloodied fur coat, he was just perfect.

Third, Dwight really tried to pull a fast one on Angela. Although she was pissed, you can tell that she’s going to come back to him. Poor Andy, he won’t know what hit him.

I can’t help but wonder how I would voted. Chair or Copier? I think chair is the obvious choice as you sit more often than you copy but we all know how fraked up a messed up copier can be?

Which one would you have picked?