PRIVILEGED “All About Love, Actually” Discussion

JoAnna Garcia as Megan and Anne Archer as Laurel in PRIVILEGED

What Did You Think of PRIVILEGED “All About Love, Actually”?

How good does it feel to have Privileged back on?

Laurel finally reunited with her old lover Miles (played by guest star Michael Nouri who was great) and that was one of the sweetest scenes.

Megan had her hands full between punishing Rose and dealing with her new boyfriend, Will. I will admit that I wasn’t too keen on having Megan and Will hook up, but I am definitely warming up to him.

There is some new blood in the kitchen by the name of Luis, and something tells me that Sage might warm up to him in the near future.

Speaking of Sage, we finally get a hint as to the big secret she is keeping from Rose and everybody else that Executive Producer, Rina Mimoun, told me about back when I interviewed. I am so curious as to what the deal is, and I just hope it won’t take too long for us to find out.

Charlie right now is just a side story for me. Not really liking his girlfriend that much so that’s about all I’ll say about that.

Overall, a really good episode just like we love them.

So what do you say? Megan with Will or Megan with Charlie? And also does anybody have any theories as to what Sage’s secret is?