GOSSIP GIRL “It’s a Wonderful Lie” Discussion

Penn Badgley as Dan and Blake Lively as Serena

What Did You Think of GOSSIP GIRL “It’s a Wonderful Lie”?

I guess tonight answered my question of what was going to happen between Nate and Jenny. I have to say, what a fast way to kill a romance between two characters. Nate went from Blair to Serena, to Blair, to Serena again, to Vanessa, to Jenny and back to Vanessa. The guy needs to make up his mind.

I personally really wanted him with Jenny, but she seems to have gone back to her old habits, so I’m not really sure how I feel about Jenny right now.

And is it wrong for me to say that I am getting really tired of Blair and Chuck? Every week it’s the same thing, we should be together, but we can’t. Let’s move this along.

Funny enough, I found myself enjoying the Serena/Dan storyline the best in this episode. I like Aaron, but there is just something between Dan and Serena that won’t go away and I gotta wonder if these two might get back together at some point.

But of course, the shocker of the night was Bart Senior’s car accident and from the looks of next week’s episode, I don’t think he’s going to make it.

So what do you guys say? do you like Nate and Vanessa together?