summer glau

Before I tell you what I think of “Self Made Man” the latest TSCC episode, I want all of you to do one thing for me. Get up from your chair or couch, raise both your hands in there and clap for 10 seconds for the brilliant performance of Summer Glau in this Terminator episode and for the TSCC writers for giving her one of the most interesting storylines of the series.

To be fair, during the first season, I thought that Cameron lacked something, a je-ne-sais-quoi that would make her useful. But the second season has opened up the character in a new way that no one could have predicted. It started with the season premiere when she tells John she loves him and it culminated today with her showing her true purpose, one where she protects John and humanity in the most unique and creative way.

Aside from this brilliant performance and storyline, the Riley/John story is starting to get to me a little bit. Partly because I feel that the Riley is marketed as a throwaway character without a lot of depth. I mean, really this will not end well for her when John finds out because you know our girl Cameron will take her out.

Although I shudder at the idea of getting into a debate about time mechanics, I still don’t get that, if Future John knows that he is going to be played by Riley in the present, why he wouldn’t do anything about it. My suspicion is that Future John knows that Riley is not that important, hence does not need her to be taken care of by him.

What do you think this? Does it make sense? Should we even care about Riley?