ELI STONE Season 2 Episode 6 “Happy Birthday, Nate”

Watch a promo from ELI STONE Season 2 Episode 6, “Happy Birthday, Nate” airing this Tuesday, December 2, at 10pm on ABC.

Things are getting interesting on Eli Stone. Between Patti’s daughter who might potentially be a drug addict, and Eli and Maggie, who we know are meant to be together. When will these two finally kiss?!

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Episode Synopsis: “Happy Birthday, Nate” – Eli is having visions in which he’s trapped in his father’s body on Nate’s 12th birthday. The visions guide Eli to clues in a teenage boy’s emancipation trial against his powerful and intimidating father, Jim Cooper, a trial where Nate’s medical expertise will prove to be vital — but threaten Nate’s own career. Standing in his way are Matt and Maggie, who’ve been retained by Cooper, forcing the former friends and colleagues to face off against each other in court. Meanwhile, Taylor fears the worst when confronted with the reality she must tell Matt she’s pregnant with his child, and Keith avoids Patti’s daughter, who he suspects is doing drugs.

“Eli Stone” stars Jonny Lee Miller as Eli Stone, Victor Garber as Jordan Wethersby, Natasha Henstridge as Taylor Wethersby, Loretta Devine as Patti, Sam Jaeger as Matt Dowd, James Saito as Dr. Chen, Matt Letscher as Nathan Stone, Julie Gonzalo as Maggie Dekker and Jason George as Keith Bennett.

“Happy Birthday Nate” is directed by Perry Lang and written by Alex Taub and Brett Mahoney.