NCIS Season 6 Episode 9 “Dagger” Discussion

Liza Lapira, Mark Harmon and David Eigenberg

What Did You Think of NCIS “Dagger”?

This week, I am taking over for Eric with this NCIS review.

Tonight, we got the conclusion of Agent Lee’s “betrayal.” I gotta say, that NCIS surprises me every week. I only really got into the show last season and ever since I’ve been loving it. I really understand the appeal and tonight was a great example of that.

Where do I start, first there is the weekly case and in this episode, it was all about finding out the truth about Agent Lee. Turns out she was telling them the truth the whole time, expect that it was really her sister that was kidnapped and not her daughter. I do have to say though that it seemed to me that Lee was a little too cool about the whole situation, especially when Tony and Ziva came back empty handed towards the beginning.

I also loved the resolution of the case with Ted Bankston turning out to be the brains behind the operations all along. I was a little suspicious that he was involved but I didn’t think he was THE guy.

It’s really too bad that Lee had to die. I guess it might have been to keep the dynamic of the original team, but did the writers really have to kill her? How about having her leave NCIS?

But my favorite scene of the night had to be the one between Abby and Director Vance, when he came down to Abby’s lab by himself for the first time. The writers just know how to please us. Nobody does those witty scenes better than NCIS.

So what do you guys say? Do you think Lee’s death was necessary? What about Gibbs’ finger, do you think that it’s going to affect him from now on?