ELI STONE Cancelled – It is Official

Katie Holmes, Johnny Lee Miller on Eli Stone

It is official! ELI STONE is cancelled.

According to the LA Times Blog, the excutive producers of Eli Stone, Marc Guggenheim and David Petrarca, told the cast and crew that the show was officially canceled by ABC.
The show will officially get to finish the 13-episode that were initially ordered. Here is the story:

The executive producers of ABC’s “Eli Stone” had the sad task Thursday afternoon of informing the cast and crew that the show will not go on.

Executive producers Marc Guggenheim and David Petrarca gathered actors and crew members to let them know that they had been notified by ABC that the show will not continue. Production will end when it completes the network’s 13-episode order, according to a source who attended the meeting.

The drama, which stars Jonny Lee Miller, joins the ranks of “My Own Worst Enemy,” which NBC canceled last week. The networks are in the process of finalizing their midseason lineups after a very difficult fall.

An ABC spokesperson said the network could not confirm if the meeting between producers and the show’s cast and crew had taken place or what producers had stated.

What do you think of Eli Stone getting cancelled?