THE OFFICE “Frame Toby” (Season 5 Episode 8) Discussion

What did you think of tonight’s episode of The Office “Frame Toby”?

Toby is back!! I don’t get why Michael hates him so much, I think he’s alright. He’s no Creed or anything, but he seems like a nice enough fellow. And how was he there a week before Michael even noticed lol? If I was Toby I would have killed Michael this episode for trying so to get him fired.

I think Michael and Kelly have a weekly competition to see who can be more out of line. Michael put in a good inning with trying to frame his co-worker with sexual harassment and drug abuse. Kelly has him tied though for the other week when she messed with Jim and Dwight’s performance reviews and then claimed she’d been raped lol.

Come to think of it though, if somebody paid $500 to hide a caprese salad in your desk because they thought it was drugs, could you even be mad? I actually feel worse for Michael. He compared his life tonight to Neve Campbell in Scream 2. Not even Scream 1 for god sakes! Wasn’t Scream 2 the one where the killer turned out to be Jackie (Laurie Metcalf) from Rosanne? Poor Michael! I was hoping they might bring back Holly tonight. Do you think she’s off the show for good?

Jim and Pam seem to be doing good again, which makes me happy. It thought it was so sweet of Jim to buy his parents house. It really wasn’t that bad if you take away the ugly carpet and wood paneling. The clown painting needs to go too.

One of the best lines for me is when Dwight said that he once framed a raccoon for opening a Christmas present. I would have liked to hear the story behind that one.