NCIS “Cloak” (Season 6 Episode 8) Discussion

Mark Harmon

Cloak was one of the best NCIS episode ever.

It had everything. A mission impossible theme, mixed with a “Usual Suspects” Vibe topped with unresolved sexual tension.

Two moments that really stuck with me from “Cloak”:

– Tony and Ziva who almost kissed in the elevator – The writers are really going to make us beg for Tony and Ziva to get together. That was a cold blooded move on their part
– For once, Tony got really pissed off at being deceived – Not even willing to crack a joke on it. It was nice to see that side of the character come up.

Overall, this was a fantastic episode and I can’t wait for next week’s episode.

Anyone care to make a guess on Agent Lee? Friend or Foe?