PRIVILEGED Episode 10 “All About Overcompensating”

Watch a promo and a sneak peek from PRIVILEGED Season 1 Episode 10, “All About Overcompensating” airing this Tuesday, November 18, at 9pm on The CW.

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Episode Synopsis: “All About Overcompensating” – egan (JoAnna Garcia) has a great date with Will (Brian Hallisay) but breaks off their relationship when she can’t deal with the fact that he is also dating several other women. Will wins her back by promising to date her exclusively, but when he gets a job offer that will take him out of the country for several months, Megan is unsure what to do. Laurel (Anne Archer) asks Megan to uncover information about Miles, the man with whom Laurel had a secret affair years ago. When Rose (Lucy Kate Hale) gets a “D” on her English exam, she decides to cheat on her upcoming History test. Sage (Ashley Newbrough) tries to talk Rose out of cheating, but ends up coming up with a plan to make sure Rose won’t get caught. Megan discovers what the girls are doing and races to the school to try to stop Rose before it’s too late. Michael Cassidy, Allan Louis and Kristina Apgar also star. Norm Buckley directed the episode written by Michael Reisz