GOSSIP GIRL “The Magnificent Archibalds” (Season 2 Episode 11) Discuss

Kelly Rutherford as Lily, Matthew Settle as Rufus, Taylor Momsen as Jenny

What Did You Think of GOSSIP GIRL “The Magnificent Archibalds”?

I’m glad Jenny finally decided to head back home. And yes, I admit I got a little choked up during the reunion scene.

And of course the other exciting thing is the return of Nate in town. The fact that he is still hung up on Jenny of course added to my excitement. Damn Vanessa and her jealousy though. Although I do predict some future drama, and that’s always good.

Other than that, the Thanksgiving drama was just ok this year.

The Aaron and Serena story was just so-so, and I haven’t been liking Blair’s story lines lately.

I am however curious to find out why Lily went to an institution, and something tells me we will find out soon enough.

How about you guys, do you want Nate to end up with Jenny or Vanessa?