TRUE BLOOD Episode 11 “To Love Is to Bury” Discussion

Anna Paquin - True Blood

What Did You Think of TRUE BLOOD “To Love Is to Bury”?

Ask and you shall receive! We finally found out who the killer is and OMFG I did not see that one coming. In fact, I really liked Rene, he was one of my favorite characters. Dammit, that probably means we won’t be seeing him in season 2.

And of course, poor Jason finds himself involved one more time with the murder. It’s to the point where he himself believes he is the killer. But I can’t say that I was sad to see Amy go, that girl was just crazy.

On the other hand, I did really like the girl Bill turned, she was hilarious. Most likely one of the few people who was excited to become a vampire. I wonder if we’ll see more of her in season 2, I’d be curious to see her evolve under Eric’s wing.

However, I was a little upset by Sookie’s reaction. One minute she’s so in love with Bill, and the next, just because he takes a little long to get back (sorry but he had a freaking vampire trial to attend to), then she goes and gets together with Sam?! Not smart, Sookie, no smart.

Of course the cliffhanger at the end of tonight’s episode was finding out that Rene was the brother of that waitress Sookie saw in her “vision”, but of course the fax is going to get lost in the Sheriff’s department and will not get to Sookie in time. I know it’s a cliche, but I love it!

Only one episode left! November 23 is going to be the most exciting and sad Sunday for True Blood fans, so don’t forget to tune in!

But now I want to know, for those who haven’t read the book, did you see it coming that Rene was the killer?

(Photo: Prashant Gupta/HBO)