DEXTER “The Damage a Man Can Do” (Season 3 Episode 8) Discussion

Wow, I just finished Dexter’s “The Damage a Man Can Do” episode and I have to say that I am impressed. This season, the writers are on fire because they are putting together some of the best plots and storylines ever (Except for the Debra storyline which is still ridiculous).

First, I am sad to say that Debra is officially the winner of “The Worst Cop In Miami” contest. Sleeping with her CI and NOT putting a protective detail on him were two monumentally stupid moves.

Then, our boy Dexter was again caught between a rock and hard place with Rita pressuring him about the wedding stuff and Miguel pressuring him about killing stuff. However, as usual, Dexter handled it all very well.

The low down of the episode is that Miguel popped his cherry and did the deed. I thought that he really was going to wuss out in the end. But not only did he do it but he liked it a little too much.

Next week’s episode promises some interesting drama with Miguel apparently power tripping on his kill.

What do you think of Miguel becoming a killer? Good idea or is it going to go downhill?