First Look: Lifetime’s THE TWO MR. KISSELS

John Stamos, Gretchen Egolf - The Two Mr. Kissels

Lifetime will premiere a new original movie, THE TWO MR. KISSELS, tonight, November 15, at 9pm.

Starring John Stamos (“ER”), Anson Mount (“Conviction”), Robin Tunney (“The Mentalist”), and Gretchen Egolf (“Journeyman”), The Two Mr. Kissels recounts the tragic true story of the life and murders of the Kissel brothers.

I seem to always enjoy TV movies based on true events. There is just something really interesting about them. And I have to say that I really enjoyed The Two Mr. Kissels. The movie gives an insight into the lives of the two brothers by having the story told in a sort of documentary style. Interviews from the characters in the story are intercut with the scenes from movie, which really gives the sense that all of it really took place.

Robin Tunney, Anson Mount - The Two Mr. Kissels

This is however a pretty tragic story, so if you’re in the mood for some fun you might want to skip it, but if you feel like learning more about the two Kissel brothers and the events surrounding their death, then I suggest you tune in tonight at 9pm on Lifetime.

Watch a preview from The Two Mr. Kissels below.

Synopsis: (Might include spoilers if you don’t know the news story)

When investment banker, Rob Kissel was found murdered by his socialite wife Nancy, the story quickly made headlines nationally and internationally. Dubbed the “milkshake murder,” having drugged Rob with a laced milkshake, Nancy is currently serving a life sentence in Hong Kong jail and as recent as October 6, 2008, lost a crucial appeal for her freedom.

A few short years after Rob’s death, his brother Andy, a real estate developer, was found stabbed to death inside his mansion in Greenwich, CT, leaving behind his family and his wife Haley. Having embezzled millions from investors and banks to afford his lavish lifestyle, Andy had many enemies but some people believe Andy’s death was a result of a suicide. Questions still remain surrounding his death.