Kathleen Munroe, Chandra Wilson - Accidental Friendship

Hallmark will premiere its new original movie, ACCIDENTAL FRIENDSHIP, tonight, November 15, at 9pm.

Starring Chandra Wilson (“Grey’s Anatomy”), Kathleen Munroe (“Beautiful People”), and Ben Vereen and based on a true story, Accidental Friendship tells the story of an unlikely friendship between a police officer and a homeless woman.

This might not be the best Hallmark movie ever made, but it will for sure warm your heart (and I guess that’s what Hallmark does best). Plus I think Chandra Wilson is really great in it, and it also gives her a chance to shine in something else than Grey’s Anatomy.

Watch a preview from Accidental Friendship below.

Synopsis: In “Accidental Friendship,” Wilson plays lonely, street-wise and homeless Yvonne Caldwell, a woman with good reason to be bitter. Yvonne has lost everything except her two beloved dogs, Bebe and Man-Man. With her one friend, Wes (Tony Award® winner Ben Vereen), Caldwell lives the daily struggle of being homeless in Los Angeles until a chance encounter caused by Yvonne’s scruffy pups leads to a friendship with LAPD officer Tami Baumann (Kathleen Munroe, “Beautiful People”), and hope for a better life begins in earnest for Yvonne. Friendship between the two women seemed as improbable as the idea that oak trees come out of acorns. But as friendship did emerge and like that oak tree, the roots of that friendship provided a base of support and respect for Yvonne and Tami for more than five years.