Twilight TV Series Or Twilight Movie?


What sounds better? Twilight The Movie? Or Twilight The TV Series.

With Twilight The Movie coming out November 21, it became clear to me that since this will be a massive hit (and I am talking near- Harry Potter Levels here), what will be the right way to capitalize on its success?

The classic way that Studios capitalize on successful movie franchises is to do sequels, which will happen in this case. But what if, in addition to following up with movie sequels, they also did a Twilight TV series at the same time?

I can already hear some of you telling me that I should stop smoking crack (which by the way is a good point as crack is indeed whack according to Whitney Houston). However, I would urge you to hear me out on this. Here are the top three reasons why a Twilight TV series would be a great addition to the Twilight Movie sequels:

1) A Twilight TV series would allow to delve deeper into the Twilight World more than the Movie could. I envision the Twilight Series to be a sort of spin-off from the Twilight Movie storyline.

2) A Twilight TV series would be successful right off the bat because it would already have a built-in audience that is hungry for Twilight related storylines. Plus a Twilight TV series would allow the studio to still make money on the franchise while they keep working on the movie.

3) A Twilight TV series would be just wicked cool!

So what do you think? Would a Twilight The TV Series be a good idea? Or should we just stick to Twilight The Movie for now?

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