The Twilight TV Series: THE CULLENS

Twilight - The Cullens Family

A TWILIGHT TV series? When? Who is in it?

Hold your horses, people! Don’t get too excited because unfortunately, as far as I know, there are no plans for a Twilight TV series (yet). However, the success of the books and the very likely success of the movie got me thinking about whether a Twilight TV series would be possible.

After reading Eric’s article on the possibility of a Twilight TV show, I personally couldn’t see a TV series that started off from where Breaking Dawn (the last book of the series) left us, and at the same time I don’t think doing a TV series based on the actual Twilight books would work. Since, we already have the Twilight movies for that, it doesn’t leave much space to grow.

But then something occurred to me. Why is Twilight such a success? What do people (and by people I mean women) love about it? The answer is of course Edward Cullen and his family. That’s it!

What if the TV series was in fact a prequel to the Twilight series recounting the story of the Cullens before they moved to Forks?

The Cullens would start with the story of Carlisle and how he became a vampire. This would be the pilot. Then you fast forward to the point where he finds Edward and that would be episode 2 or 3. And then continue the season by showing us how the family came to be. This could either take a whole TV season or half a TV season. But once you have the family together there is still so many stories to tell. For example, their time with Tanya’s family and other places they lived in before coming to Forks. Also I, for one, would love to find out more about the Cullens’ first meeting with Alice and Jasper. They could even make episodes focusing on each of them and how they became vampires before meeting each other and joining the Cullens.

There is so much potential for a Twilight TV series if done well, especially with a built-in audience like the fans of Twilight. However, in order for a Twilight TV show to be a success, I think it would work best on a premium cable channel like HBO or Showtime or just regular cable. I do fear that by being on a Network channel, The Cullens might not only get cancelled too soon, but there would be too much focus on pleasing the mainstream audience instead of focusing on the heart of the story.

One last thing that I do need to mention is of course the actors’ choice. It is clear to me that the actors for a Twilight series would have to be different than the ones in the movie (unless the actors actually want to be in the show, which I doubt most of them would). That said, casting is very crucial and the choice of actors will make or break the show as will the writing. I personally think that it is crucial to pick an up and comer actor for the role of Edward, who would give the show a fresh look and would prevent associating the actor to previous roles he played.
So that’s why I ask you, what actors would you like to see in The Cullens series and for what roles?

So what do you guys say, would you watch The Cullens if it was a TV show?