THE OFFICE “Business Trip” (Season 5 Episode 7) Discussion

Steve Carell

What Did You Think of THE OFFICE “Business Trip”?

Once again I thought it was way too much plot shoved into a measly 30 minutes. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the episode, but I wanted to see more of the business trip. Can anyone tell me if the concierge was Clementine from Reno 911? If not, it was for sure her doppelganger. Andy was freakin hilarious this episode. I loved that he wore a beret to Canada. It’s not even cool to wear a beret in France for god sakes. That would be like me wearing a sombrero to east L.A. He also coined a new term that I never heard of before: WMFL (wing man for life). It was good to see more of Oscar tonight. He’s a great character and he’s not in it that much. Thank god someone finally had the guts to ask Andy what the heck he sees in Angela. He’s going to be in so much trouble for the drunk dial when he gets back to Scranton. I guess that gives her more of an excuse to hook up with Dwight.

In other relationship news, Kelly cheats on Darryl with Ryan. I so don’t get her attraction to Ryan. Darryl is like a million times cooler. I think Darryl knows this too as he didn’t appear to be too broken up about the break-up text he received from Kelly (written by Ryan). I wonder if people out there really do break up over text message? If so, that makes me feel really old. I can remember when it was cold to do it over the phone.

And finally, after weeks of waiting, Pam Beasley is back in Scranton! Just on a side note I’d like to mention that my friend saw Jenna Fischer at a Mexican restaurant in Burbank 2 weekends ago and said she was really nice and let them go ahead of her in line. I love to hear stories about famous people actually being cool in real life! Anyway leave a comment and let me know what you thought of tonight’s episode.