SUPERNATURAL “I Know What You Did Last Summer” (Season 4 Episode 9) Discussion

Julie McNiven as Anna, Genevieve Cortese as Ruby, Jensen Ackles as Dean, Jared Padalecki as Sam - Supernatural

What Did You Think of SUPERNATURAL “I Know What You Did Last Summer”?

I cannot believe they left us on a cliffhanger!!! Not cool Supernatural, not cool. I can’t wait a week to find out what happens next.

So in case you hadn’t already guessed, I really loved this episode. It was just so good from beginning to end, but I particularly loved the fact that we learned more about how Sam spent his time when Dean was in hell. And I have to say I like Ruby a lot more now. That scene where she possesses the maid at the hotel was hilarious.

I will also admit that I am curious as to what the real story behind Anna is. If the Angels want her dead there must be a reason, right?

And just to give you a better idea of how I really felt about the episode, you know when you watch an episode of a show and you keep thinking about it once the episode ends because it was so good? Well, that’s exactly how I felt about tonight’s episode of Supernatural, “I Know What You Did Last Summer.” After 9 episodes, Supernatural is still going strong this season, there hasn’t been one episode I haven’t liked, and that’s quite an achievement. I cannot wait for next week!

How did you like Sam’s story? Do you think we’re going to see more of it in the next few episodes? Is there maybe a secret he’s been keeping from Dean? Share your thoughts.